BMW EDC16 Immo Tool

EDC16C31 immo off EDC16C35 immo off EDC16CP35 Immo off in 3 clicks
Software for disabling immobilizer systems in BMW Bosch edc16 ecus.
It removes completely connection between CAS/EWS immo systems without fails.
Commonly needed for offroad and boat projects.
Supports all software versions that exists for EDC16 ecu and works for all engines in BMW.

WARNING: Beware of scammers advertising look-alike software. This tool can be purchased only from or by email.

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EDC16C31 EDC16C35 EDC16CP35 Immo off tool for easy removing of CAS/EWS system.
EDC16C31 EDC16C35 EDC16CP35 Immo off tool for easy removing of CAS/EWS system.

Lifetime license

Current version: 1.0

-Added edc15c4 immo off solutions for all versions avilable including Rover 75, Freelander, Range Rover and BMW V8 engies.
-Added EDC16C1 Immo OFF in MPC file 4 cylinder EURO3 engines
-Added EDC17 immo off solutions for all diesel engines
-Added Software, hardware version check and calibration for EDC16 ecus.

Its online tool with license system. To work properly it requres internet connection. License can be moved to another pc without problems.

Support List:
EDC15 – M47(rover, mini) 116hp 130hp, M57 163hp 184hp 193hp
EDC16 – M47 150hp, M47 163hp,M57 177hp, M57 197hp, M57 204hp, M57 218hp, M57 231hp, M57 235hp, M57 272hp, M57 286hp
EDC17 – All engines only for ECU swap.

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